• The Game

  • Rise Robots Rise

  • Clickclick


Recent illustrations, digital and traditional media.

  • Smile

    Digital painting – A quick, creepy, late-night portrait study. Photoshop. Smile!...

  • The Game

    18″ x 24″ India ink on paper – This is an illustration I did depicting a good friend’s difficult/abusive relationship. She currently owns the...

  • Clickclick

    Digital painting – A digital painting I did based on something that happened in a deep meditation. That may raise more questions than it answers, but apparently my...

  • Dreamstayers – Reaper

    Digital illustration – This is a panel design for the first appearance of the Reaper characters in one of the early versions of the Dreamstayers comic. These guys...

  • Rise Robots Rise

    Digital illustration – There are about 42 stock photos involved in this one. But hey, if the destruction of the world were brought about by giant wind-up robot...

  • If Ducks Ruled

    Digital illustration – I’m not sure there’s much to say about this one. This was also a design for a bracketed competition. The stock photography...



Design + Dev

Commercial and promotional designs.

  • Cosanti.com Redesign

    Role – Designer + Developer + Photographer – Redesign of the cosanti.com website. I shot all the product photography as well on this one. This is currently...

  • Real K9 Solutions

    Role – Designer –        Simple redesign of the website for trainer Steve LaValle...

  • Skulldagger

    Role – Designer + Developer        Community-driven website for art, digital art, music, audio production, programming, technology,...

  • Motorola Speed Pro

    Role – Designer – The was a design for a game to improve the “stickiness” of an internal benefits selection website for Motorola. The game was...

  • MillerCoors Benefits Selector

    Role – Designer + Developer        This was a design and prototype for a benefit selection tool for MillerCoors. Unfortunately, they...

  • mid)rib Poetry E-zine

    Role – Designer + Developer        This was the design for the initial issue of the mid)rib poetry e-zine. Mid)rib was a New...




Recent photos.




Recent code experiments and projects, specifically where design is not the focus (see Design + Dev above for those projects).

  • Spuck.us

    Role – Developer – Do you remember the days of Flash and some of the experimental sites that cropped up to utilize its more interesting features, like...

  • Abstract Bitmap Drawer

    Ok, so, I’ve been on a quest for a while to create algorithms that can generate something pretty via code, with the caveat being that it has to be generated at...

  • Density Simulator

    This is a simple Flash-based density simulation tool I built to verify the outcome of a specific set of equations I was working through for an actual physical project....



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